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I just got my new iphone from Asurion


And I can leave it charging all night long and it never reaches 100% battery life. I can leave it uncharged and when I go to sleep it'll be at 75% battery life, and when I wake up (no apps have been left open, wifi and airplane mode are off) I'll be at 20%. I haven't even had this phone 2 weeks! This is a nightmare, I can't do anything on my phone that won't drain the battery life to almost dead. I've taken to bringing my charger with me everywhere I go, but I refuse to believe that this is normal. I bought my first iPhone brand new from the verizon store and NEVER had an issue with battery life. I could go days without plugging it in, and I would say my usage was pretty high. If the insurance company gives me a faulty phone, do I have to pay to get a new phone sent to me? HELP!

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Re: I just got my new iphone from Asurion

Verizon Employee

Hello Sarahballon

I don't want you to feel like your in a nightmare! I want you to enjoy your iphone. Let's work together to get this fixed.

How are you charging the device? Is it plugged into a wall outlet or a usb drive? Let's start by resetting your device. This reset will not lose any data. This will stop any applications that are stuck or running in the background. Here's a link that will show you how to reset the device:

Try the reset then attempt to charge the device with a wall outlet for 3 hours. Does it fully charge now? If so how's the battery life?

You would not have to pay anything additional,you still has the original warranty. Since you just got this from Asurion, if the reset doesn't work please call Asurion at (888) 881-2622 to go over your options.

If you need any help please DM me so I can further assist you.

Muchas gracias


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Re: I just got my new iphone from Asurion



My phone has only gotten worse, the reset didn't do anything! I unplugged it at 6am and it went from 99% to 80% in two hours and 8 minutes. I hadn't even touched it! I don't have another phone to call Asurion on, is there anything I can do with just my own phone line?


Re: I just got my new iphone from Asurion

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Sarahballoon, that's not good that the reset didn't help. The next step I would suggest is to contact assurian via the web which will free you up so you don't have to use your phone. You can make a claim online here:

Once you file a claim I am certain your issue will be resolved. I hope this helps.



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