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Re: So my phone got wet the other day. I dried it out completely, but the touch screen still isnt working. Is there anything I can do short of getting a new phone? Anything that can be done at the nearest Verizon store? I am one of three phones on our pla

Verizon Employee

Hello wetphone!

We're sorry to hear that your phone isn't working. It's very important to have a functioning touchscreen!  Let's explore your options OK? If the phone is taken to a store, troubleshooting can indeed be done. The store representative can even contact us while you're there.  Do you have insurance on the device? Or, do you maybe have a prior vzw device that can be activated until the upgrade is available? You can also check your My Verizon account to see if your line( or another line on the account) is eligible for an upgrade. VZW always has options for you.



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