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Re: Can I reuse the Sim from my Lumia 822 in my new HTC One M8?


Since I posted I've been doing some research.  The Lumia 822 uses a Micro SIM and the HTC One uses a NANO sim so they will not be compatible.

However.  I noticed that phone that I purchased (from eBay) included a SIM.  I am guessing it was the one they used when they had the phone on Verizon's network.  I've also got a Verizon NANO SIM that came out of an iPhone, again, once used, but no longer.

So, the question is:

Can SIMs that were previously used for service be re-used or do I need to get a new one?  I've heard various stories that some Verizon outlets charge for SIMS and some do not.  I'm hoping that I can do this without any additional expense.  My preference would be to use one of the 2 SIMs that I already have so knowing whether I can do that will be important.



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