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     Was over my data called to add a little more. they talked me into switching to better cheaper plan which wasn't cheaper by a lot. Switched back and was double billed and this was at the same time Verizon switched the way their bills were formatted.The first rep I spent 3 hours on the phone with said it clearly wasnt our fault since the rep who talked us in to switching hadnt told  us about the bill being higher due to the device payment plans. She also said she wasnt authorized to credit our account that much but promised to note the account so I wouldnt have to explain it again to financial  which is who she told me to call.  Next day I called financial and no notes had been added so I explained again and rep said they would have to call me back which they never did.  Third rep tried telling me it was just how much my bill was going to be now. Bill was 3 phones for 278.35 now its was going to be 628.00. Fourth rep tried to give me a refund of $55.oo but couldnt explain whatt the refund was for. Next I chatted with chat and asked if I went into a Verizon store would they be able to see exactly what info I could see from home, the rep assured me they could. In store they couldnt see any of what I could see and had to pull it up on my phone to show them, The rep was so confused by my bill he went to get his manager and after waiting for 20 minutes he returned to say his manager was on an important conference call and wouldnt be available all afternoon but he said he explained it to him. So he tries to tell me the extra charges are from  Verizon adding on an extra month in advance?? What?????
Also under one of the one month charges they have us owing for a xxl plan for 110.00 with another -3.55 charge on there. They have it totalling 113.35. In the math ive learned 110.00

-3.55 =106.45 not 113.55. I cant even repeat the explanation i got on that one. Guess we'll be going to another carrier along with the thousands of other dissatisfied current Verizon customers.Isn't there anyone In customer service that will at least attempt to clear this up?

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