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Re: Verizon numbers sequentially dialing each other - SPAM - Spoof?


How can they make a call on your (Verizon) system using a spoofed number?  How is it Verizon cannot identify the number while registered as a Verizon number and registered to a specific hardware device - all clearly identified in my BILL and your programmers and system can't identify that these two don't match?  I understand there are restrictions due to privacy rights and number portability issues.  BUT these are all MOBILE numbers being spoofed.  And if the call is not originating in your network then isn't that a clear sign these are spoofed calls too?  My number has been spoofed.  I get several calls a day during work hours from unknown number within my phone number's exchange.  Some will call until I answer or reply by text that my number is spoofed.  I have searched on this issue and this has been going on for several YEARS.  FIX IT.