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Re: Poor service 98252 area.


I see that the original poster never replied back to you.  I'm not sure what they did instead... Anyway, this problem is still going on.  I've hung with Verizon hoping that there was some sort of tower outage or other issue that would be resolved, but it hasn't.  So, there are many MANY of us in the Granite Falls (98252) area that have noticeably less signal strength; choppy or dropped calls, late or missing texts and next to nothing data.  Enabling Wi-Fi calling only works while at home and using our own (non-Verizon) network.  That works for inside the house - but like everyone else, we aren't stuck in the house and would like the ability to use our phones other than inside the house.

So, we used to have WAY better signal - near perfect I would say.  Then, about a year ago, something happened.  Can we please get a status on what happened, will it be fixed and when, or if not, then why not?

This is not my specific phone, this is affecting everyone.  So, please don't try to go through your normal scripts of having me activate Wi-Fi calling, reboot, change to roaming, etc.  This has everything to do with your cell tower coverage.