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Verizon Gift Card False Advertising


*WARNING*  You won't be able to buy a new phone with your Verizon Gift Card if the phone is out of stock.  I tried online *fail* and called and was connected to the "Telesales" department, they advised you cannot use their VERIZON gift card to purchase a phone that is out of stock.  I'm looking at you iPhone 4s, even though their current advertising and video which is playing on this web site says you can buy a phone with the gift card.  Verizon should step up and announce on their web site and stores selling GIFT CARDS that you cannot use the gift card to purchase a phone if the phone is on back order. No one could provide even an estimated date when they expect more iPhones in stock.  At the very lest I should have been given the option of ordering a phone with the gift card online; that should be a method allowed to order a phone that is back ordered.  Very poor customer service. Singed 10+ year customer.

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