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Call forwarding from one VZW to another VZW cell phone M2M ??


I have two VZW phones on a shared business rate plan.  If I activate immediate call forwarding on phone1 to forward to phone2, is that considered M2M and therefore no anytime minutes or other charges would be incurred?  Obviously, phone1 would get charged anytime for the inbound call if not M2M or F&F - I get that.


I'm asking since years ago the answer to this question was that call forwarding minutes were indeed chargeable regardless of where forwarded to (even VZW to VZW).


Thanks in advance.  Any directon to the VZW web site so I can confirm this in writing would be appreciated.  I've spoken to four different VZW employees and gotten two different answers (2 said chargeable and the other 2 said M2M).



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