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Re: Carryover Data Scam?


I completely agree with your statement! I just recently switched to the new plan with carryover data. We actually had approximately 12 GB to carryover this month because I finally realized the original Verizon clound settings were driving up the data usage on this phone. I just thought "[Removed], I use a lot of data". However, I figured out my excessive usage was due to the  standard setting on my phone was set to sync to the VZW cloud every hour even without WiFI. Needless to say, I am using much less data.

So, back to the carryover.. I have almost 12 GB  of carrying, but day after day, it isn't going down; only my monthly plan allotted data is going down. Then it hits me. OMG are they really making it to where I HAVE to use ALL of my data in order to use my carryover? I mean, I knew the carryover data would be eligible to use the following month, but I did NOT know they were making you use all of your data to get to it. I agree they didn't advertise that part of it because it is not a standard carryover plan. The should have named it the EVERY OTHER MONTH carryover plan as if you use any carryover data that month, it means you won't be carrying data to the next month.

Love Verizon service and have been a loyal customer since 1994, but it's disheartening to see the customer is no longer their priority.

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