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Re: No reception within city limits

Thank you for the info. I will check into the sim card. I asked a rep at the store about my reception and they had no advice to offer other than call tech. The best time for me to call is when I am at my home. Uh....

I cannot make calls inside or outside my home. I am just in a house. No buildings around. No hills.

According to antennasearch.com there are 101 towers within a 4 mile range. Only one says Verizon, which is 3.58 miles away. I don't know how cell towers work and how to tell if Verizon is using any that are not in their name.

I think it is ridiculous to have to pay for something on top of the high cost of the service I am already paying for. The coverage map is red all around me and as I said, I am not in some remote area where one can expect service to be spotty. If there is not some way to improve this then I will have to look into other carrier options.