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Re: Mobile Data usage while on wifi


I just totally read your response. I am sorry for not reading it thoroughly. Answering your first question, I used the My Verizon app at first and something didn't sit well with me. So, I looked at the data usage on the phone. I saw a difference in data usage between the two. The app was showing a major data spike on March 19, and the data usage part in the settings menu was not showing a spike. Also, my data roaming settings were set to not allow data usage at the time of the spike.

Answering your second question, that is exactly what I thought. The CSR told me that because I think she was reading from a corporately approved script. I believe that more than likely she thought I was a southern redneck hillbilly that does not know much. Well, she is wrong. I took Automotive Technology in school and some of the same methods I was taught in school I used for this and arrived at the conclusions I have.

Answering your third question, the EXECUTIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE told me that. I know that I can still use data on a 2G connection but it is slower than a snail, which tells me even more that she was reading from a corporately approved script.

Answering your fourth question, I know that one megabyte is only one megabyte at any speed. At slower speeds, it would take me longer to use one megabyte and get me to not use as much data, because I am a little impatient. I don't like having to wait an hour for something that I have already paid for. By the way, the EXECUTIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE is a she and is an American.

Answering your fifth question, I realized that all of this started occuring after the android nougat update on my Droid Turbo 2. That may be the key in figuring out how to solve the issues. All I can say for sure is that any major corporations, Verizon included, are out to get money that they are not deserving of. I don't know if you agree with me, but Hey, everyone has their own opinion. BTW, I am a prepaid customer, if that has any bearing on this situation. I bet if I was a government official and said I would start an investigation on this, they would straighten up their act.