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Re: Network Extender doesn't work??

I'm upset that Verizon failed to provide me with the necessary information prior to dropping my plan.  I'm not asking to switch back to my unlimited plan.  I didn't use it anyway--I was averaging 1 GB data/month or less.  I know that will never happen anyway--Verizon wanted everybody off of those which is why they increased the price $20/month back in November. 

What I want to know is why don't Network Extenders work with a pre-paid plan?  That should be an easy override on Verizon's part...that really has nothing to do with pre-paid vs. post-paid.  An even if it isn't, Verizon should be willing to help me out by sending me whatever the other device is that is needed to work in the same way the network extender does, instead of just saying I'll need to purchase it. 

To answer your question, this is the 2nd month I've been on pre-paid.  I don't care about subsidized phones or otherwise--I can purchase a phone outright without having to have it subsidized.  I care 10 times more about the plan features and the customer service...which Verizon is obviously severely lacking.