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Network Extender doesn't work??

My network extender failed to work after I changed from a post-paid plan to a pre-paid plan.  I've since been told that network extenders only work with post-paid plans, and I will have to purchase another device to get a signal in my house!  My network extender is only two months old! 

Conveniently for Verizon, nobody told me this information when I asked about the differences (on several different occasions on the phone and in person) before I decided to switch from post-paid to pre-paid.  I had an old grandfathered unlimited data plan...which is obviously why I was told "everything will be the same except for your data allowance"...which equals Verizon will tell its customers anything to get them off an unlimited data plan.  I wasn't even a heavy data user--I averaged 1 GB a month or less.  Changing to one of the current post-paid plans would cost me about as much as what I was paying for my unlimited data plan because I had a wonderful plan.  I let it go because of the faulty information Verizon reps give out...you get a different answer from each person you talk to.  So much for my loyalty to Verizon...I was a customer for over 15 years on my own, and on my parents plan before that while I was still in college.  Unfortunately, when you are tied to VZW service based on where you live you have to play by their rules.  Any suggestions while I wait for AT&T or Sprint to get better coverage in my area? 

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