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Who is responsible for the horrible online experience?


I have now placed two separate orders for a new phone and both have been cancelled. I have never had a harder time trying to spend $300 in my life. You literally have a business that functions like it was built 30 years ago. I have to log into an account with not only a password but a stupid answer to a question. I receive an email communication that the order is received and will ship 11/1. 11/3 I receive an email that the order is cancelled. I call customer service and they tell me I should have received an email asking me to confirm the order ?????? What????

A. I already jumperdover all the ridiculous hoops on your website - and received no communication asking for a confirmation - what is the point? Just have me call in and place the order if you don't want to take an order online. Secondly if you need a confirmation at least send the [Removed] email so I can respond before you cancel the order.

To add insult to the whole thing you can't even write an email but you can post to this ridiculous forum that will not provide any recourse.

AT&T ?? Sprint?? T Mobile??? which would you like me to move to.?

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