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Re: Asurion Ruins Everything

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I just had my first experience with Asurion.

My experience was as expected with a few hiccups. I ordered my replacement iPhone SE 16GB Rose Gold from Asurion because it was stolen by my ex-girlfriend who took the phone and then moved to Florida with it. She is using it on AT&T even though I reported it lost/stolen.

I ordered the phone, paid the $100 deductible, indicated all accessories were stolen as well, and the next day I received my replacement.

What Went Wrong: Well, it wasn't Asurion's fault, but it went to the wrong address. It was stamped correctly, but it went to anther town about 30 minutes from me, and the guy called me and said he got my package by mistake and I went to his house and problem solved. I didn't get my phone stolen (again) or murdered and I am happy.

     The other thing that went wrong: I indicated that the belt clip was stolen as well, and they sent me a new one. I went to clip it on...SNAP...It snapped right off. I called VZW and explained what happened, very politely, looking for what I should do. They told me "I am so sorry that happened! Let me send you out a new holster. You have two choices, which one would you like?" I selected the cheaper one and they sent it out free of charge.

Moral of the Story: I called, asked what I (big emphasis on I) should do rather than what WILL YOU DO and I got a free replacement (and nicer should I add) holster than what Asurion sent me. And it only took 20 minutes. Oh and might I add I owe VZW $600+.

Boom. Love Verizon Wireless.