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Re: LG Cosmos Touch - Help Remove Daily Scoop, Please!!


So, what are the people who have no ability to change their data plan supposed to do about this?  I have a business line, provided by my employer, which I have no control over.  Therefore, the "unsubscribe" solution is unacceptable.  I have done the "turn off messages" solution, but this is still a problem for me.  I am also experiencing the "phone lighting up" issue, which is claimed to be a seperate issue to the "Daily Scoop" issue, but this is untrue.  9 times out of 10 when I'm getting the ghost backlighting and turn on the screen, it's either on the Daily Scoop initialization page (which does nothing, since I don't have a data plan and therefore NEVER subscribed) or on the Browse and Download page.


I agree with every post saying this is unacceptable.  Basically, verizon is telling everyone to try something, and when it doesn't work, then deal to with it.  There needs to be a complete solution, preferably in the form of a software update (removing Daily Scoop from the phone in the form of a software update would be best case scenario).  The solutions offered so far have not only been unacceptable, but just plain don't work or will never work with some customer's situations.




Forgot to mention, another side effect of this issue is the fact that it will interupt any alarms that are going off, just to try and initialize Daily Scoop.  It's a big inconvience and very frusterating, considering that I don't use this application and cannot remove / disable it.