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Re: LG Cosmos Touch - Help Remove Daily Scoop, Please!!


Its now been 1 week since my last post, and since having the Verizon tech support perform a "Data Block" and "Block application download" on my account.


-The Daily Scoop messages have stopped reaching my display screen

-The *ANNOYING* Mobile Mail voice and screen message has stopped

-ICity app voice and screen message has stopped


HOWEVER, there is still "something" either inside my phone trying to "reach out", -OR- something outside my phone trying to "reach in".  Every once in a while "something" will partially wake my phone from standby mode and illuminate the screen and hard buttons.  It only remains lit for ~5 seconds so its enough to prematurely drain the battery, depending on the frequency of occurrence.  When I return back to my phone and wake it to make a call it immediately brings up the  "Browse and Download" screen... where YES the Daily Scoop app is STILL installed onto my phone.




VERIZON YOU NEED TO FIX THIS IMMEDIATELY.  I have been a Verizon customer for a decade, since the days of GTE mobile-net.  It is clear you as a corporation are NOT guiding your tech support teams to alleviate this issue.  It is clear you as a corporation don't even care.  I do not blame your tech support teams, they ahve been great and very patient.  I BLAME VERIZON AS A COMPANY FOR THIS HARAASSMENT.


At this point I am not a happy Verizon customer.  I will verbally, and on facebook + twitter deter EVERYONE I know from signing onto a contract with Verizon wireless for the duration of my 2 year contract, until you fix this.


And let me be clear on this... I LIKE THIS PHONE !!  It is EXACTLY what I want, feature-wise, and it does get very good battery life... when its not illuminating the screen at random.