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Re: Got Messed Over By A Verizon Rep


I know how you feel. My bt my boyfriend and I got these tablets when he took his phone and to try to get it unlocked and they talked him into a service and told us that they would give him a trade in on his phone because it was a prepaid Verizon and talked him into the Galaxy S7 which he couldn't afford and now he's got as an S7 and gear and two tablets that he has to pay on every month and she charged him 300 and some odd dollars that day that I don't even know what that was for it wasn't listed on his first bill or anything so I'm pretty sure she ripped him off and he's afraid to go in and say anything to them I'm going to do it for him pretty quick it's ridiculous what they talk you into and then they don't they don't follow through with what they said they were going to do they get you all wrapped up with the with the product and you forget what they originally told you they were going to do for you I think Verizon's a huge rip off

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