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Re: LG Cosmos Touch - Help Remove Daily Scoop, Please!!


I completely echo what Blane3091 said.  I have only had my LG Cosmos Touch for a couple weeks now and I find these unsolicited ads unconscionable.  They suck up battery as they take my phone out of "sleep" mode until I acknowledge the ad.  There MUST be a way to turn these off WITHOUT first having to subscribe to the service, only to then cancel it.  That is both ridiculous and unreasonable. 

I don't have a data plan nor do I want one.  Verizon really needs to research this issue and resolve this problem with whomever is the provider of these ads ("Bing", "Daily Scoop", etc.).  It borders on unethical to not disclose this issue with potential buyers of this phone and demonstrates extremely poor customer service to not be able to resolve this issue.

Verizon--PLEASE do your due diligence and figure out, and provide, a solution for the many unsatisfied customers dealing with this issue of unsolicited advertisements.