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How can I make a complaint about a retail store employee blatently lying to me?


I went to a retail store in my town so my son and I could upgrade our phones.  My son's phone had to be ordered, mine was available.

I made it CLEARLY known to the store employee that I wanted to pay for both phones at the time (the charges I would have to pay for the monthly payment plan not the whole phone outright). I told him this several times and explained that my son would be walking up to the store to pick up his phone when it came in as I would be at work. I didn't want him to have to wait for me to get home as he was super excited. I said this MANY times to him. I wanted my son to NOT have to pay for anything when he came to get his phone, just get it and go.

My son just went to the store and they said I did not pay for his phone. This is complete bull and I am SO mad.

I called the store and I told them and they hung up on me.

I need to make a serious complaint about the conduct of this employee. It is completely unacceptable and he was even yelling at me that he was right.

I am beyond furious and I need to speak to someone higher than at a retail store about this.

Thank you for your time.

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