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Bait and Switch tactics are illegal; aren't they?


I so wish I had stayed on course when I went to Walmart to buy a TV antennae. A simple task. I saw 2 employees wearing name tags and thought they worked for Walmart so I asked where were the TV antennas and they started in with their pitch. To be honest, I was thinking about switching; getting all the mailers they send out promising free stuff. A free tablet AND $10.00 off my Verizon Wireless bill for the length of my 2 yr contract. If I sign the contract now. I wasn't allowed to go home and think about it. had to be today. Last day they told me. Wow, I thought. They talked and talked, there were 2 of them, yes, no, it is not this it is is this, oh wait, yes, will be this much if this and that much if that but if we do this then it will be this....I was there for an hour, a rep on the phone, noisy bad connection I couldn't hear her so the rep had to repeat everything, both of them. Seriously, the tablet isn't free because it is an add on and I have to pay for the service. Guess she didn't think that was important for me to consider when I did the math. And the $10.00 discount at VW is an "OLD" promotion no longer available. Do you know how much time I have spent trying to get the promotions I was promised? Ridiculous. Verizon Fios switches me to Verizon Wireless and then after I have explained the whole thing that rep switches me back to Verizon Fios and I have to start all over again. Pathetic swindlers. yes I got a good price on the bundle but I didn't get the package I agreed to and my impression is they just brush you off and wait until you get tired of wasting your time and move along. As I see on this website there is no way to lodge a complaint and I think the BBB should enforce one on them for repeatedly practicing bad business practices and then ignoring the customers. If I had known then what I know now.

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