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Re: The Verizon Plan -- Better than More Everything?


I'm struggling with the same decision, to stay with the More Everything Plan, or switch to the Verizon Plan. I also receive a 20% Corp Discount and that helps since I have a 20GB data plan currently. My instincts tell me that the older plans are better, otherwise Verizon wouldn't encourage people to change. I've been with them for over 20 years and unfortunately, there is no such thing as a Loyalty Program anymore. Any suggestions are appreciated. Here is my current profile:

3 -  Iphones (6, 6 and 5c) on the "old" Verizon "Edge" Plan, which each have about 9 months left, since they were purchased last Christmas. Each line receives a $25 discount on the $40 activation fee

1 - Iphone (5s) that is paid for and eligible for an upgrade. This line pays the $40 fee (unlike $15 above)

1 - Basic phone (mom's) which is also eligible for an upgrade, but doesn't have a $40 fee 'cause it's a flip phone

1 - Old Verizon Jetpack which is also eligible for an upgrade

Everyone's comments about Verizon Cloud data are true. You lose quite a bit of Verizon Storage with the Verizon plan....if you use it. Also, they replaced the old "Edge" plan with a Device Payment Plan which is a 24 month, rather than a 20 month plan. Doesn't seem like much, but they added 4 months to their "payoff".

My dilemma is I want to get at least one, or two 6s phones and am struggling with the best way to do it. Verizon Customer Service is nice, but they can't really do a complete analysis and advise the best Total Cost solution, particularly over a one or two year (going forward) period. Can/do I purchase a $199 iPhone 6s (or two) with my upgrades available and give one to the (current) 5c line and one to the (eligible) 5s line? Should I continue paying that Edge plan (for the 5c) and hope I retain the $25 discount when it's done. Or, enter into a new Device Payment Plan, pay full retail over time? Can I even do that with the Basic Phone upgrade and not activate that line, but instead give it to the 5c line? And what about the 5s upgrade? Do I use the new Device Payment plan, or buy a new phone? It seems that if and when I switch to the Verizon Plan, I get a $20/line discount (as opposed to the current $25 discount), but they tell me that the $20 discount remains after the phone is paid off?  One person said the same is true for my current Edge plan lines, meaning the $25 discount remains after the contract expires, yet another one said it goes away.

Verizon's plans are ridiculously confusing and albeit nice, the Cust Svc reps are not equipped to handle "complex" situations. When you're spending +/- $350/month, someone should pay attention other than the consumer.

Maybe it's time to switch to ATT and have them give me everything for free, just for switching?