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Re: The Verizon Plan -- Better than More Everything?

Líder Sénior

LJBraaten wrote:

Here's another thing to consider: if your phone is out of its two year contract, you get an additional $25 discount for that phone on the More Everything Plan based on two year contracts (not Edge). That's a $15 connection fee for that line. That would bring the $80 in the chart above down to $55, which is a $10 savings over the new Verizon plan. If you want a new phone, you can buy one for a discount from a third party vendor and still get your $25 discount for having a phone outside of the two year contract. The way I see it,  the main advantage of the new Verizon plan is that it allows you to pay for a phone on a month per month basis. Although the data is a little cheaper, if you need more than 12 gb per month the next jump is $40 for 20gb., forcing you consider paying a couple of $15 overage fees per GB. There are more data options and more flexibility with the More Everything plan.

Since the OP only has a 2 GB plan and is only getting a $15 discount on the line access fee, your calculations don't really apply.

As it works out, they would STILL be paying the same amount for an additional 1 GB/month of data. For people currently getting 25 GB of cloud storage, they would retain that.

In this case, the new Verizon PLAN would appear to be the better value.