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Contact sync - failure

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What a day, what a day. My contacts went haywire yesterday - storage for contacts went from 1.2MB to 1.9GB and just about everything on my puny 8GB phone started failing due to lack of space. I tried re-syncing, cleared cache, nothing worked. I removed some apps, deleted pics, restarted in safe mode. My contacts refused to open or display. I purposely keep my contacts in gmail for safekeeping but couldn't access from my phone - my link to my friends was unusable. 

Did a LOT of searching, tried numerous fixes, I did finally discover that Google Contact Sync failed every time. All other Google syncs worked fine. Stupid me cleared data from contacts. Tried to restore contacts from sync - total failure. Finally discovered Contact Sync Fix app - thank you app gods!! Apparently some conflict with ICE group being considered a fake group caused the problem, but it didn't rear it's head until I booted to safe mode and then back to regular operation. I think I have it fixed, but am still confirming things are back to normal.

I did loose my call log (I also didn't have any call history in my phone) - thanks Vzn Cloud - when I tried to restore it said it did, but it didn't, and then it showed I had 0 calls instead of 500.

You don't realize how much you depend on the info in your phone until you don't have it or can't get to it. Sheesh.