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Re: How to report recent poor cellular service change that has not improved?


Regardless of what you are "showing" to be great 4G coverage, this is not the case.  Perhaps a dose of reality is due for a realistic analysis of your coverage map....Cupertino is notoriously bad for service and I would bet any of your customers in this area would say the same.  I too have heard the same story regarding tower coverage in Cupertino.

I will report, however that for at least my home, it has improved slightly over the last month or so.  I typically see 1 bar at 3G and sometimes 4G intermittently.  Sending text messages, especially photos is still delayed and forget using the browser should the Wifi be unavailable.

I used to brag about how awesome my Verizon signal was.  It seems network wide, this is not the case anymore.  It is unfortunate.  I have been a satisfied Verizon account holder for about 12 years until now.