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Re: How to report recent poor cellular service change that has not improved?


Hi Kevin.

It's voice, data, and texts. Incoming calls don't come through unless the

phone is on our balcony. If the phone is indoors, we end up getting

notified we have a voicemail at some point. The only way I can send a text

with image or place a call is to stand right up next to the windows, and

even then it's spotty.

I've been back and forth with agents via chat, the latest had me give them

signal strength numbers, etc., and she determined that my situation needed

to be escalated to some kind of technical department. I really don't have

time to call them this week, but the situation is extremely frustrating.

I was told a network extender might work, but I can't see forking out the

$200+, and then it doesn't improve the situation.



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