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     How do I opt-out of having super cookies track everything I do on my phone?

Super cookies -  Whether anyone knows it or not Verizon is using what are called super cookies to track your every move on your smart phone. They know what websites you go to, which ones you like the most, how long you linger on those pages as well as track a plethora of other important information that can be sold for a giant financial gain. Every other cellular company that had been using these "super cookies" have been called out as violating its customers privacy and have hence stopped tracking their customers. So how about Verizon wireless? Oh ya that's right they're still tracking us and only said that they'll give us the option to "opt-out" when they figure out a way to do that... So as of now there is no real convenient way to get you to stop tracking us.

Please tell me how to opt-out every line and device on my account.


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