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Re: Verizon told me they were going to waive my etf, I have it in writing, and now they are denying it!


VZW at one time would roll your insurance over with every upgrade. Then they stopped. Most customers found out the hard way like myself when an Iphone was damaged in a car accident. They stopped rolling it over when they started selling the Iphone. No one let me know that I wasn't covered or I needed to wait for an enrolment period. I guess you must read all the fine print with Verizon or you'll end up uninsured on an expensive device. I purchased a protective case and opted out of the insurance program entirely which saved me around 30$ a month because of the hassle of waiting months to enroll in a service obviously Verizon didn't want customers signing into anyway. Just currently dealing with nasty ETF collectors right now, they threaten to ruin your credit and charge you exuberant fees if you fail to pay the blood money due at separation of the contractual marriage.