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Verizon told me they were going to waive my etf, I have it in writing, and now they are denying it!


I signed up for service in August. I did the order online and pick up in store. I added insurance to my order because I'm clumsy sometimes and I might break my phone. Get to the store they have trouble activating the phone and then im good to go. Fast forward to this month when i find out I do not have insurance and never did. Disatified with how I have be treated already I contact Verizon chat.They tell me that they will open a ticket and I have a good case in a contract error. Then I contacted today to check up on the ticket. The guy told me in chat that I had to call CFS and they will waive the termination fee. So i call, got transferred, got transferred, got transferred, then got transferred again to CS. They told me they most they could give me was 100 dollars. I am not taking just 100 when I was told I would get it all. Talked to a supervisor and then he tells me they are not waiving anything. So no I have written proof and chat id's that say they will and they are not. I will go to the BBC and FCC with this information about lying to customers and not holding up what their employees say!

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