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Re: Edge Plan is a RIP OFF!!


No. I don't think you read exactly what my issue was. I never wanted this early upgrade option to begin with! That and the fact that the term was never clear when my plan was changed!

And what the heck is the big difference between upgrading a few months early?! Especially if I have insurance! That's not a great deal. I'm actually paying more this way. AT&T the loyal customers upgrade to newer phones for about $100-200. My sister got the SAME phone as me for her upgrade a month before I got mine. She paid a little over $100 for her upgrade, and the phone belongs to her! Me however, I am paying full price for the phone and if I want to upgrade a few months early...I am only paying a borrowing fee $600. Tell me how that's a good deal? I'm not a child. I don't need a new version of the same junk every few months. I just need a phone that works. Which SHOULD be covered by the insurance I pay for.

This wasn't a choice. There was no options. Their employee basically told me it was this or I'd be paying for a phone that was out of commission for a few months. What would you do? Huh? You choose your responses more wisely, especially if you are clueless in your responses.