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Re: Edge Plan is a RIP OFF!!

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Mel1182 wrote:

Now come to find out...

"After 30 days, if you've paid at least 75% of the Edge device, you'll have the option to Edge Up to a new device without any upgrade fees."

WHAT?! How does this even make sense, Verizon?! If my math estimate is correct, $30 or so dollars a month towards the device on the Edge Plan does not come anywhere near 75% in a 30 day period. Verizon, are you telling me for an $800 phone I would have to pay out of pocket $600 to upgrade after 30 days? Or one of you new disgusting upgrade fees, where it cost just as much or more to upgrade as it does to be a new customer? How you value your long time customers, way to award them for being loyal and paying you so much of their money! Oh the things they'll never tell you when they are twisting your arm!

What's you're issue? Do you think you should be able to get new $800 phones every 30 days for the price of $30? The terms are clear. You can upgrade after 30 days as long as you paid off 75% of the devices cost. If you make you're regular payments that's 18 months. They could just make you wait 18 months Verizon is giving those that want to upgrade sooner an option. Why do you want to upgrade a phone after only 30 days. Choose your devices more wisely.