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Data usage through the roof since upgrading to iPhone 6


Like numerous people, I'm frustrated by the fact that my data usage has unaccountably gone through the roof. I traded in an ancient iPhone 4 with unlimited data for an iPhone 6 in November 2014. I figured I'd be fine with 1G of data since there has never been a point when I've exceeded 300 MB during a one-month billing cycle. Since February 2011 I used my iPhone daily for work, primarily for email, but also visiting a few web pages, and reading news via a few apps.  I haven't changed my habits at all since acquiring the iPhone 6. In a single day when I first got my phone I used 90MB of data - almost a 1/3 of what I would use in a heavy month with my old phone!

I've made all the adjustments and changes on my device that I possibly can to keep my usage under 1GB, but it's become really inhibiting. Checking email and looking at 5 web pages eats up 30 MB of data within 15 minutes - that can't be right. Wifi isn't always available and I need to be able to check email and perform other functions using data for work and business purposes. I'm ready to switch to another carrier. What is going on??? And based on all the complaints, why won't Verizon do something to rein this in?

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