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No Wireless Service in 16637


3rd time this year

Usually lasts a day or two.

Began Friday around 5pm when I entered the service area after coming home from 16635 (where the coverage is bad as well)

Can't report via *611 because the phones don't work

I've previously spent many hours (literally) on the phone with support when the phones work long enough to actually make a call.

Was basically told that "it was good as good as it was gonna get" and/or "your the only one reporting this, so the problem must be you, you should buy a an additional piece of hardware to get the service that you're already paying for"

Now that I've established that I've done everything - else - a customer can do to resolve a problem, my plan is to document all the service outages going forward knowing that they will appear in search engine results for others doing research on Verizons performance (which is how I found this forum).

It should also be noted that:

1. I live a mile (or less) from the tower

2. On a daily basis I am always between two towers that are approximately 8 miles apart

(how do I know? Let's just say "that" is how much time I've spent on the phone with Verizon tech support)

screenshot indicating date and time:


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