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Upgrade/change plan Fees


I am outraged by the constant PENALTY FEES that loyal, long-time Verizon customers, are being 'forced' to pay! These are not fees, nor true service. These fees are outright penalties being charged for no other reason than greed. Nickel and dime-ing  customers for every little change. Verizon is one of the best cell phone companies especially due to their coverage, and their service staff who seems very knowledgeable most of the time. Recently I had to upgrade my smart phone, and bought a re-certified device. I was told by the representative that I would not be charged the usual $30 upgrade fee because of buying that type of phone. Great, I said. But then he preceded to tell me about the new Everything plan, where I would pay the same amount, but could have the option of going from regular 2G data usage to adding a hotspot when needed, within the same 2G usage. Good idea, I thought, because we were going to need the hotspot for about 9 days while on vacation. What that representative failed to explain was that I would be charged a fee because I was changing our plan!

In marketing, one person can actually be voicing the opinion of either a few hundred, or tens of thousands, depending upon their market volume. I hope more of you will protest this treatment and that Verizon will take this seriously, and find that they truly can afford to downsize their profit margin for the sake of holding on to their customers and their loyalty.

The same goes for being taken for granted by other institutions that offer so-called service, including the banking industry, for adding fees for fee sake. We just re-financed our mortgage, and was appalled at the charges. Our own bank that we have had ALL of our financial needs, would not even try to hold onto us as long time investors, bu reducing their fees. So we found Credit Unions deal more fairly and charge a significant amount less for their services. The future holds the same in our cell phone providers. After this 2 year period is done, we will be looking to reduce costs significantly, even if it means less coverage, through other providers.

Please consider voicing this strongly, because good companies pay attention and actually listen to their customers, and will take the sacrificial loss of a little money, in order to show integrity and good character, rather than continue with greed.

Muchas gracias


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