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Why am I prompted to change to a More Everything Plan when I try to upgrade my iPhone?


Today, I tried to upgrade my iPhone 5 to an iPhone 6 Plus at the Verizon Wireless Website.  The upgrade was approved but when it came time to select a plan, I was forced to select an ADDITIONAL more everything plan which is more expensive that my current $60 per/mo Single Line Loyalty Plan. I stopped the order process and called Verizon support and was told that I could keep my current Sing Line Loyalty Plan at the current cost but that I had to accept more everything (at $30 more per month for the same 2GB/Unlimited Calling/Unlimited Text).  I was told that I could switch back after I received my new phone, but I am not comfortable committing to a more expensive plan with only a verbal assurance from a customer rep.  I told the rep, who was very polite, BTW, as they usually are, that I had concerns.  Has anyone else had the experience of upgrading to an iPhone 6/6Plus online and being forced to accept a more everything plan? Could this issue be resolved by going to a Verizon Store? (I contacted Apple and they sent me to Verizon.)

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