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Re: How can I opt out of the broadcast UID Verizon has been putting in all of my web traffic, austensibly to track me despite opting out of targetted advertising?

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Verizon Wireless includes Unique Identifier Headers (UIDH) in the address information that accompanies users' Internet data requests transmitted over our wireless network. Verizon Wireless does not use the UIDH to track where customers go on the web. And, information about web browsing is not part of the relevant mobile advertising program.

Verizon Wireless customers may opt-out of Relevant Mobile Advertising by changing their privacy choices at any time: .  If/when a customer opts out of Relevant Mobile Advertising via their privacy choices, while they may still see the UIDH, there is NO information associated with the ID and therefore, no ability to use it for advertising purposes.



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