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VZ and Asurion - Terrible Business Partners


Have been a VZ customer since the AT&T break up.  Have found the relationship between VZ and Asurion to be one huge pain in the butt.  I recently upgraded to a newer phone which unfortunately broke when dropped in the driveway.  Filed a claim with Asurion and got my replacement right away - easy peasy - no complaints.  HOWEVER  -  features on the new phone didn't work!  Took phone to VZ store figuring that there was just something simple I was missing.  After an hour of tinkering with the phone, the two VZ staff members couldn't figure out why it wasn't working and told me to contact Asurion for a new phone.  Now the trouble begins:

1.  Nearly impossible to actually get something like a customer service rep (i.e., a real person) on the phone at Asurion.  Took a half an hour.

2.  Asurion would not process a claim to replace the phone unless they "trouble shoot" the problem.

       a.  How in hades do they "trouble shoot" a phone they don't have in their possession?

       b.  Apparently, the term "trouble shoot" actually refers to contacting VZ to verify that I have, in fact, been to the store to have the phone looked at.

       c.  We're now on the phone for nearly an hour - waiting for VZ to "verify" whether or not I've had the phone looked at.

3.  The folks at the VZ store didn't log in my visit.  Hence, VZ would not verify that I'd tried to resolve the problem - clock ticking to hour 1/4.

4.  I'm starting to get pissed at both VZ and Asurion - and they're both saying things to me like "but we're not Asurion - they run their business their way" and visa/versa.   Asurion won't send me a new phone.  I'm complaining my head off - I demand for the VZ contact (both are on the line

to give me the cost to buy out of my contract with VZ and that I intend to contact the FCC, FTC, and BB to complain - the VZ rep goes off - never coming back.

5.  I'm really mad now (1 1/2 hours) and Asurion rep is now "forwarding me up the ladder to legal" and will I hold?  (another 10 minutes).

6.  Finally get someone new on the phone who says she has processed the claim to send me a new phone. - Nearly 2 hours. 

While they may be separate companies - when claims are involved they are joined at the hip.  In this case, what passes for customer service in both VZ and Asurion failed miserably.  I certainly hope the phone I get tomorrow works properly or I will pay the $400 to get out of my VZ contract.

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