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Re: SO FRUSTRATED!! Network extender for "The Best Coverage"??


Boy do I feel your frustration!! I have the same issue at my home, and I PAID  the $249.00 for the extender and another $49.00 a month for DSL to use it....and if I was in the room with helped mariginally.  I no longer have DSL and called after upgrading my phones...a week later am told there is nothing they can do but I can go front $ for a powerful extender (Wilson Brand) and they will give me credit...why do I have to front the $, why can't they send me bill is much  higher than yours a month (we have 4 lines and wireless modems).  Verizon has been good to me over 8 years in alot of ways, but this is wonder they treat me good, I can't use my services over 1/2 the time without driving 3/4 of a mile to make and hold an important call but I pay my bill every month, late sometimes because of my situation but it's paid....