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Re: IPhone Trade In Scam


Guess what?!!! I just had the same thing happen!!  Followed every step exactly and sent an iPhone 5 back on 9/30 valued at $200. Great condition! The website never had any record of it so when I called they said it was in processing and I would get my gift card in 14-27 days.  Got it yesterday for $36!!!!!!   When I called they said there is no reason listed why and it had to be escalated and I would hear back via email in 7-10 days after they pull the phone and re-evaluate.  I ask if I can get it shipped back and he tells me "no they arrive there in bulk and they cannot ship a specific phone back".  I then asked how they would pull my specific phone if they arrive in bulk and that is why it cannot be shipped back....he said they will search through phones to find mine to reevaluate it....  Why does this not seem right?  He said they only respond via e-mail.   I am very frustrated and had many happy years with Verizon but have lately been very disappointed with their customer service.