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Re: IPhone Trade In Scam



I am as frustrated as you and all the rest on this board. I feel taken advantage of and is that what we get for being loyal customers? I'm very disgusted by the poor response I got by calling the trade in customer service number. The rep I spoke with was very unhelpful and just kept repeating herself saying the exact thing I read online and there is nothing she can do to help since I agreed to the terms. However, I sent my phone in Sept 24th and it took until Nov 4 to have the phone assessed. Per that agreement, I was led to believe that within 2 wks of them receiving the phone a gift card would be issued. I still haven't seen any money, but they want to give me only $30 some odd dollars of an appraised $200 trade in?! When I had submitted my trade in, it was valued as $200 for an iphone 5 in good working condition, but oddly enough when they checked it out it wouldn't power on (go figure after being handled in a not so tamper resistant envelope and sitting in a warehouse for weeks!). I asked to speak with a supervisor or someone who would listen to my complaint and she said they were all busy. I'm sure they were with many other unhappy clients.

I am an honest woman and sent my phone to a company I choose to support and don't feel they are sticking with their end of their contract. They are looking for any excuse to get out of paying all these customers the money expected from their appraisals. Why would I want to continue to support a business who doesn't care about the people that make it?

I would appreciate Verizon to step up and do the right thing.

Thanks for listening and if anyone has advice on how to straighten this out, I'd appreciate it!