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Re: IPhone Trade In Scam

So here's my tale of woe...

I've been Twittering back and forth with someone from Verizon and the upshot is that the paperwork for the trade in of my IPhone 4S had to be completed by Oct. 15, 2014 if I was going to receive the $200 I was promised at the time I bought the IPhone 6. I told the guy that the new phone was on back order and I didn't even receive it until Oct. 17th, so how could I have completed the paper work by the 15th? The guy just responded that I missed the deadline. At the time I bought the IPhone 6, Verizon told me that the trade in information would be sent with the new phone... which didn't arrive until after the deadline.

How can we take this to the next level? Verizon's malfeasance? Incredible how unresponsive they have been - no one answers the help line, no one responds to emails.