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Re: IPhone Trade In Scam


I am wondering if you have to complain on this community board to get some response from Verizon about bogus trade in  gift cards ($36). My calls get automatically dropped when transferred from customer service, but if you select upgrade and type in your code you get someone immediately who will try to transfer you to trade in and then you get dropped again. It's like they are asking for us to complain on the internet so lawyers can find these details and use them to prosecute in a few months (or maybe it's already in court).

In addition to having a verizon store representative prepare my phone for trade in with me watching (so I wouldn't do it wrong), they also informed me that I was overpaying on my bill and gave me the same data plan for less money (of course they said because you are a loyal customer we'll give you a discount on your plan)...SO how many times will verizon steal money and act like it is okay?

They are hoping that most of you will not read the e-mail and just click the apply to bill hyperlink.