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Re: Verizon Charging Money to Block Extortionists


Some comments:

- This isn't some ex or someone I know. These are professional scammers who sometimes call 4+ times a day. Yes, I ignore the calls but it is still disruptive to ones life even if they do so. This is probably difficult for someone to understand who isn't in that situation. I know Verizon does block some of this kind of abuse.

-  Verizon has the ability and the moral responsibility to block spammers and scammers who are abusing their network and trying to target their customers with illegal activity. I'm sure I'm one of hundreds if not thousands of Verizon customers having this experience.

- The monetary cost for the FamilyShare would not have a significant effect financially on me, it's more so the principle that Verizon is charging money for something that should be offered at no cost and is due to abuse that is partially the responsibility of Verizon to block. At the minimum it should be evaluated on a case by case basis.