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Verizon Charging Money to Block Extortionists


For months I've been getting calls from extortionists posing as fake debt collectors. They are very threatening if I do answer. They have a thick accent so likely not based in the United States so limited things law enforcement can do.

Methods used that can't block without signing up for the premium FamilyBase:

- Calling from 'Unknown' number

- Calling from short prefix numbers from whatever circuit is routing the call (e.g. 12651)

- Calling from Skype number (which I've blocked but have to re-block every 90 days)

I called Customer Service and informed me I would have to pay a monthly fee for FamilyBase to block these methods which I don't think is right as Verizon has partial responsibility for allowing these calls to pass through the Verizon network to begin with.

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