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Re: Help! Verizon credited my pymt to someone else's account!
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I am assuming you are not legally responsible for the soon-to-be-Ex's account, not on the account, didn't open the account, if you get what I mean?   ( If I leave my current account and my ex-husbands phone all by itself, I still owe Verizon because it is all in my name.  {And for gosh sakes, change your name back ASAP!  I did.   My kids and the school can call me Mrs C***, but all my legal documents and stuff are all in my own name.   The phone was the most important change because people were using the internet white pages to find him, but were getting MY home number with his name still attached.   OMG, I do so feel your pain.  })

That said.... If your name is not on his cell bill:

You don't need court.  It will cost more than the $134 and they can't make him pay, you have to which can take more time and money.   The best thing possible is:  you paid with a credit card.   And you didn't get what you paid for.

And you have a limited time with your credit card company to dispute a charge.

By disputing a charge the credit card company immediately puts the money back into your account and takes it back from the Payee (Verizon).   That will light the fire under their buns, won't it!

There is a form to fill out to dispute charges.  You may be able to do so online.

Do not add information.

Do not tell them about the ex-husband, or his default bill.

Hazlo simple.

You paid account number  ##########  by phone with your credit card $134.65    Your card was charged $134.65

The payment has not been applied to your account.