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I'm not sure what happen with my trade in, I'm a new customer (came over from sprint) who signed up because of the promotion Verizon was running for a 100.00 trade in credit for a smartphone. I signed up and got 2 new smart phones and then had a heck of a time getting my promo codes. Finally got the promo codes and the shipping envelops from Verizon, sent in 2 perfect moto photons, got my credit the other day for 7.00 per phone!?? I'm just at a loss, I never would have recycled these phones if I knew this would happen. The 100 credit per phone was a reason for switching carriers, and then this is how Verizon treats a new customer? The also told me on the phone when I signed up that my activation would be waived as part of the promotion, well guess what, that didn't happen until I called in 3 times. Pretty disappointed in Verizon, not much more to say.