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It's like I stated in a post yesterday.  They need to revamp the trade-in process.  It should only occur face-to-face in store with a certified mobile device appraiser.  Where-in the inspection/appraisal is made based on several common points.  Then following the inspection the appraiser quotes a hard trade-in value that is printed and signed by both the customer and store manager.  With this process the store manager could issue Verizon gift card on the spot, because at the time of appraisal the device was found to be functional and in excellent, good or fair condition. Then from that point forward the phone is now property of Verizon and it is the Verizon employees responsibility to ensure that the traded in device arrives, via parcel service, in the same condition it was at the appraisal. 

The process described is the same sort of process used to valuate a trade-in vehicle.  Not one of us would send our vehicle off to be appraised out of our site because we want to make sure everything is on the up and up, so that we get the most value toward our next vehicle purchase and no way I would take a evaluators word that the check (in this case - Gift Card) is in the mail..... Heck no!! If Verizon continues to let the Trade-in program run the way it is... Then they will be paying out on yet another class action judgement...

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