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Just connected the dots and am very disappointed in Verizon's business practice when it comes to the trade-in program.

This subject has been beat to death but I decided to post this to get others opinions on the matter.

With the trade-in program, people are having many issues with Verizon providing falsified information when it comes to the condition of the phones.....primarily with iPhones.

If you guys haven't looked, Verizon is now offering the iPhone 4 CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) for $99.99 on prepaid!

My question is, why do they have so many gently used iPhone 4's? And how can they offer them so cheap on pre-paid service?

Because they take those great condition iPhones customers sent in on the trade-in program, tell the customer they were broken/cracked so they can pay the customer next to nothing for it. Then they are re-selling the devices on their pre-paid plans for dirt cheap to entice customers and generate tons of revenue.

Now I am a Verizon supporter, I have the service and love the coverage. And so far had no billing/customer service issues with them, but this is nothing but backdoor dealing........and this is something I wanted to call them out on.

I wonder how much money they have made doing this, and why the BBB hasn't took notice.......

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