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Why has my data limit changed prematurely?


So if you read my thread from a few days ago, everything I've dealt with Verizon customer service has been a complete nightmare. Long story short, I ended up agreeing to change my plan from unlimited to 5gb limit. Well, I just noticed on MyVerizon that they changed my limit to a prorated limit of 1.290 which is completely random. I wasn't too worried yesterday when it said I was using 0 out of 1.290gb. I wake up today, and it says my usage blasted to 3.420/1.290gb which is over the "new" limit...which btw, I don't think should have changed just because I placed the order that day. I HAVEN'T EVEN RECEIVED MY NEW PHONE AND ACTIVATED IT YET. I'M STILL USING MY OLD PHONE. So not only did they screw up my previous order and blatantly lied to me about their available plans, but now they are screwing up my data plans before I even get the new phone. MyVerizon is saying I'm going to end up paying overage charges because of this. I should still be on my UNLIMITED DATA PLAN until I get my new phone. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

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