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Re: Complaint about Verizon "Free Tablet" promotion


Here's the more compelling question:  Do you really believe that we misunderstood what was being presented to us by the salesperson?  That we made a mistake in comprehending his sales pitch?   That he was being 100% clear about the monthly tablet charge and tax and/or activation?  Do you think when he clearly stated, over and over again, "there is no monthly fees, and no up front charges for the tablets, they are 100% free"  that he actually didn't actually say this? 

Or are you capable of admitting  that you and the others are using deceptive sales tactics to push tablets?

..because the 3rd witness is direct testimony in regard to the practice of pushing tablets onto customers using deception at that very store by those very same people. 

To make it worse for Verizon is that there are hundreds, if not thousands online claiming this happened to them too. 

What a judge is going to ask is if this was a simple miscommunication and indeed the salesperson was not being deceptive, why couldn't the mix up be remedied the following day?  Why force the customer into a contract against their will?  The answer to this question cannot be, "well you signed a contract, it's too bad."  Because that response supports the dishonesty and if that's all that is said as a defense, it's very likely to fail in court, and it's definitely going to fail as a matter of popular opinion when we turn this into a viral news campaign.  Our local TV station Channel 7 has already expressed interest in doing a piece on this problem.  We'll see what popular opinion says when we give the public the real facts though TV and online media. 

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